The Next Chapter

Comfortable is a good place to be, right?

Not always.

I recently made (what I consider to be) one of the bravest moves I’ve ever made. (You may disagree and that’s okay.) I walked away, willingly, from a career that I loved, a position I was called to, an extended family – and for the most part, all that I have known for the past 8+ years.

I know what you’re thinking, because I wrestled with those thoughts daily – for months. Why? Why would I leave? I loved where I was and was helping to make a difference in the world. The organization I worked for was phenomenal and the people I worked with, I adored – well…most days.

After 8 years, I knew my job and things were generally easy. I could do a lot of the work with my eyes closed and some of the tasks with one hand tied behind my back. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but you get the idea. After doing certain things enough times they become almost second nature – they require less thought. I was COMFORTABLE. And that right there is a smaller piece of the bigger answer. So why do it? Why walk away? Comfortable is a good place to be, right? Not always.

I am a lover of all things “comfortable”.

  • My favorite grey sweatpants and worn out t-shirt.
  • Pancakes – which unfortunately have recently become my “comfort food”. (Pray for me, y’all.)
  • Sitting on the couch watching any episode of Star Wars – yes, even the Prequels.

The list could go on and on. “Comfortable” is just that, it’s comfortable. It’s easy and enjoyable. Believe me, there are days I want nothing more than to quit life, slip into my grey sweat pants and an old worn out t-shirt, then sit on the couch all day eating pancakes and watching Star Wars – and there are enough episodes I could do it.

But, when you hear from God, no other voices can silence what He has said. (Not even Chewbacca!) You can’t get away from it. You can’t drown it out or forget it. The only choice you have is to give into it. When I signed up for the life with Christ, I never signed on to “comfortable”. I signed on for adventure and that’s exactly what God seems determined to give me.

Genesis 12:1 – The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.” 

(Vs.4) – “So Abram went, as the Lord had told him…”

I often look at Abram’s (Abraham’s) life and find myself wondering how it must have felt for him.I hoped that, put in his position, I would easily follow God into the unknown but I certainly never wanted to test that theory. Yet here I am following God into the unknown, on what I hope will turn out to be one of the greatest adventures of my life.

If God truly is writing the story of my life, then I’m right where Book One concludes with a monumental cliffhanger, the kind that has you running to the store late on a Friday night (moments before it closes) because you’ve got to see what happens in the next book. And more than anything, I want to delve into each page and see where this story goes. I feel like Luke Skywalker in Episode 5 as he’s headed to the Dagobah System. All he had was the next step, which was to go. Okay that and find Yoda – he had two steps, but you get the idea.

Maybe you’re out there, reading this in your own comfortable grey sweatpants, facing your own cliffhanger. You know God is leading you into something new, something different. Perhaps it’s a new job or a new relationship or maybe even a new season of ministry. Take heart! I can’t finish out this chapter for you or even turn the page on the next one but YOU CAN! Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from what could be one of the best chapters of your life!

Joshua 1:9 – “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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