March’s “Check It Out” List

Almost every year (seriously) I pull out my favorite Missions book, The Coming Revolution, by R. Mark Baxter. It inspires and challenges me. No matter how many times I read it, God uses it to speak to my heart, right where I’m at. I’m thankful for this book and others that have helped light the way for modern day missionaries, like me. 

If you have a heart for Missions than do yourself a favor and check out some of these incredible books. I’ve personally read each (some multiple times) and I highly recommend them. 

My Top Five Favs:

  • The Passion For Souls – Oswald J. Smith


  • Bruchko – Bruce Olson


  • The Man with the Bird on His Head – John Rush & Abbe Anderson


  • The Challenge of Missions – Oswald J. Smith


  • The Coming Revolution – R. Mark Baxter 


Here are a few others recommended by long term missionaries:

(These I haven’t read yet, but they’re definitely on my list).

  • Eternity In Their Hearts – Don Richardson
  • Peace Child – Don Richardson
  • End Of The Spear – Steve Saint

Be sure to comment and let me know what your favorites are!

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3 thoughts on “March’s “Check It Out” List

  1. Oh, man, Bruchko was a needed refreshment to my spirit at the time I read it. It was given to me by a guy who simply said, “his story is like yours, you will enjoy it.” God always knows how to get the right thing to us at the right time.

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