Of Skirts & Salvation // Stories From Abroad: CAMBODIA ’17 – Part 3

This summer my travels have taken me back to one of my favorite areas of the world, Southeast Asia. I have spent the past 2 ½ weeks as a part of the Global Ventures (GV) Set-Up Team. During this time, I served as one of the key leaders, helping to pave the way for the incoming GV teams. Over the course of my time, I have had the awesome privilege of working with amazing people here in Cambodia from our partner church, New Life Fellowship Cambodia. (You can read all about them here)

I have been able to take part in various areas of set-up, focusing most of my effort in scheduling local schools (along with my friend & GV intern, Bailey Neff) where teams will get to share the Gospel.

(Here are a few of the pictures from our time visiting schools and scheduling times for the GV teams to come and present the Gospel. Special thanks to Bailey Neff for capturing this sweet moment I had connecting with some of the little girls.)

After many days of hard work, the main team has finally arrived in country and we now number 51 people. 51 people who have been trained through GV leadership and are now ready to hit the streets (or in this case, dirt roads) and take the Gospel to the precious people in a village province, roughly a 1-3 hour drive from Phnom Penh.

For Bailey and I, the excitement each of the team members is feeling, is only multiplied. For us the ministry that is about to take place is the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work put in by GV staff, and the last 2 ½ weeks of work we helped with, here in country. Bailey and I have stepped foot in almost all of the schools and villages that the GV teams will share the Gospel in. We have walked where they’ll walk and smiled at the precious adults and children who they will now bring eternal hope to. In a lot of ways, we had the amazing opportunity to walk in shoes that John the Baptist might have worn, preparing the way. We were forerunners declaring that someone else would come after us, with a powerful message that would forever change things.

And the hour is almost here. As team members are turning out their lights to get some much needed rest before the ministry starts, I can’t help but be filled with pure joy and anticipation at what all God is going to do over these next 5 days. My heart can truly only guess at the amazing things He has in store for these people who are quickly stealing my heart.

I have so much to say to all of you and I struggle to find the words to express it all. The truth is, I too, should probably be turning out the lights and saying goodbye for tonight. Before I go though, I want to share one more encounter that Bailey and had just a week ago.

A Badly Designed Skirt, a Restless Heart, and a Refusal To Walk Away…

On one of our final days in the village, scheduling schools, our translators (and friends) took us to a place where we could get lunch. We pulled up to this quaint little place, filled with hammocks, where we were instructed to sit back and relax while our chicken & rice was prepared for us. While I love the laid back, “enjoy each moment” culture; I also happened to be in a skirt. Although my skirt was completely appropriate for the work I was doing, it was not quite designed to lie in a hammock. So I tried to sit near the hammocks in a lady like fashion, but that quickly grew old, so I began to wander. As I did, God began to pull my heart towards several kids buying snacks nearby at a roadside vender. I couldn’t leave them there. I knew that the school nearby was not one we would be bringing a team to. And unless something happened, they would not get the opportunity to hear the Gospel, at least not from us. What if no one ever came to them? I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. So I returned to where my translators and Bailey were waiting.

After explaining to them what we must do, Soytry (one of our translators), Bailey and I, returned to speak to the children. As we approached, the group of kids quickly grew and the more we shared, the more children appeared. In just a few moments, the three of us had introduced ourselves, met all of the children and shared the most powerful story anyone can ever hear. We told of Jesus’ birth, His life, death and resurrection. And then we shared what this story could mean for them. In an instant, we brought hope to complete strangers. Of the 39 who had gathered, 33 children and the vender, prayed with us, declaring Jesus Christ as their Lord. All it took was a badly designed skirt, a restless heart and a refusal to walk away from those in need. I hated having to wear that skirt, but I am thankful beyond words for opportunity I was given to share with those children.

This moment, was just one. Just one single moment of one single day – and through it, lives have been forever changed. And as undeniably awesome as that moment was, its only just beginning. The next 5 days are literally going to help transform countless lives throughout this nation. I am so blessed to be here and humbled at all that God is doing.


(Pictured above is a quick shot I was able to get, right before Bailey and I, led these children in the prayer of salvation – it was absolutely amazing!)

I invite you to come along with me over the next few weeks, check back from time to time and experience all that God is doing in Cambodia. With that, I guess I really must say goodnight – for now.

Jamie Lynn Sivak Signature


For more info, check out New Life Fellowship Cambodia and/or Global Ventures.


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