An avid traveler, aspiring author and lover of adventure…okay, maybe an “aspiring” lover of adventure, I’m embarking on what could turn out to be the greatest adventure of my life.

Having recently left the most wonderful full-time position you could imagine to really step out and simply follow God, this is sure to be an incredible story. I invite you to come along my journey of exploration and discovery as I figure out who I’m meant to be and for that matter, what. 

So the question is, who is J.L.? The answer, I’m still trying to figure out. Here’s what I know so far – and in no particular order.

Missionary: I’m a missionary – there is no doubt about that. Having traveled out of the US over 50 times into 20 different nations, pieces of my heart reside permanently all throughout the world. And no matter who I become or where this life takes me, I will continue to follow my destiny and get the Gospel to as many as I can.

Reluctant Preacher: Not because I don’t believe the message, I’m just not the biggest fan of hearing myself speak. The fact that God has used me to share his message before thousands continues to astound me. I am humbled and can’t help but laugh at His incredible sense of humor.

Loving Daughter: My Mom and Mi Padre (as I call him), fell in love and thanks to the miracle of birth and the goodness of God, I exist. I’m a daughter and given the choice, I would choose my parents. EVERY TIME.

Sister: I have two brothers. Michael, my older bro and Josh, my lil’ bro. I love them more than they know. Do we always get along? Heck no. We thoroughly enjoy sarcasm and trying to out argue each other. What can I say – we’re wired a little differently I suppose.

Best Aunt Ever: One of the titles I hold with the highest honor, is that of “Aunt”. I’m not a mother yet, but I definitely get to experience some of the joys through my nieces and nephews. I like to think I’m the cool aunt that everyone loves, but they may just love me because I ALWAYS come with gifts.

Avid Reader and Aspiring Author: Since I first learned to read, I ALWAYS had a book close by. I have loved stepping into the world created by authors and finding a place I could belong. I never really fit into this world. To this day my home is engulfed in books and I’m generally reading at least 12 different books on any given occasion. Why 12? Well I guess I have commitment issues…For years a small piece of me wanted to step out and attempt to write a moving story for myself and this year, I managed to find the guts to do it. We’ll see how it goes.

Crazy Dog Lady: I am definitely dangerously close to being “that” girl. As an owner of 2 rather large and incredibly fluffy furballs, (Prince the sweetest, most insecure black lab you’ll ever meet and Picasso the most loving and slightly bossy Australian Shepherd out there) my sanity is often questioned by family and friends. I love my boys though and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Elvin Princess: Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but one of my dearest friends, Lindsey Lou Who, swears that this is true. If you were told you were an Elvin Princess often enough, you might start to believe it too.

From the beginning to the end and every moment in between, I, for better or worse am Jamie Lynn Sivak. Like me, love me or hate me, I will continue to be exactly who I was created to be.