Journey ’17

Destination: Cambodia & Thailand

1.6% Evangelical  |  Population: 82.8 Million  |  Language: Khmer & Thai

This summer my travels will take me back to one of my favorite areas of the World, Southeast Asia. I will start the summer as a part of the Global Ventures Set-Up Team. Here I will travel with key leaders from one of my favorite organizations and help pave the way for their incoming teams. I will take part in various areas of set-up, focusing most of my effort in scheduling local schools where teams will get to share the Gospel.

Once the teams arrive, I will join their ranks for 2 weeks. As a team member serving alongside John & Martine Smithwick of GV, I will have the incredible opportunity to take part in strategic street evangelism in local schools and secluded villages. Ministry will then culminate into epic mass crusades in the evening, where we will see hundreds, if not thousands, receive Jesus Christ!

When the GV ministry weeks have finished, myself and a dear friend, Helen English, will stay for an additional 4 weeks to help further GV’s Missionary Assistant Program in Thailand. During this time we will take part in multiple areas of ministry.

  • Discipleship Training
  • Church Bible Studies
  • Children’s Ministry Training

However, our main focus will be to effectively reach children through local outreaches in surrounding neighborhoods. The goal is to reach them each week and help lead them into the local churches where they can continue to learn about Jesus. During this time we will also be working with local church members to help teach and train them how to effectively carry out children’s discipleship once we return to the States.

We truly believe that the only way to change a nation is to reach its children and this summer, that’s exactly what we are going to do.Jamie Lynn Sivak Signature

Hey – and if you’d rather join me for a week or so, that would be cool too! To join Global Ventures (and me) this summer you can visit and decide if you want to come to Cambodia, Thailand or both. Hope to see you soon!